Responsibilities: App layout, Art direction, Interviews
SleepyTime is an app for iPhones and iPads that helps your little one develop independence in their bedtime routine and also gets them excited about going to bed. With the help of SleepyTime, parents can skip the struggle and tears of telling their child that it is time for bed. SleepyTime allows parents to create a timed, personalized bedtime routine for their child. And with the unique parent rewards system SleepyTime has in place, kids feel accomplished and more independent. SleepyTime also provides parents with a support system, where they can share similar situations they are encountering with their children through chats and forums. SleepyTime helps create a smooth transition for bedtime and gets kids motivated and in the routine of getting prepared for bed quickly, without a hassle. 
Ability to set bed time reminders and alarms.
Ability to disable the use of other apps while the child is completing their bed time routine.
Parents can create a bedtime routine for their child to help them gain independence.
Parents can reward their child for accomplishing the bedtime tasks on time.
Parents have the ability to discuss parenthood with other parents through the chat room experience or forms
The child can characterize their monster character with their earned rewards.
The child can complete their bedtime routine independently.
The child’s monster character keeps the child on track by verbally counting down and telling the child their next routine.
Design Decisions:
“Monsters under the bed,” is the theme of SleepyTime to help kids realize that monsters are friendly and there is nothing to be scared of at bed time. 
Typeface: Museo Sams Rounded 100-700
Purple - both stimulating and soothing
Blue - calming, peaceful and aids with intuition
Orange - stimulation and engagement
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